Begonia Princess


How long is the cruise?

The minimum charter for the Begonia Princess is 1 hour.

How do I make a reservation for the Begonia Princess?

Call our booking coordinator on 0455 129 977 to reserve your place at one of our events or to enquire about chartering the vessel. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled departure time.

How can I pay for my charter or event ticket?

Call our booking coordinator on 0455 129 977 to arrange payment by bank deposit or credit card. We accept cash and cheque by prior arrangement.

Does the ferry go out in all weather?

This is a very common question. Slight rain and wind do not typically affect a cruise or prevent it from going ahead. That being said there can be the odd day where the wind is too severe to allow us to operate safely. Mostly the weather passes through quite quickly and we are able to conduct cruises all be it a little late. If the weather is unsuitable to cruise we will contact you. We will reschedule your cruise if the Master advises the weather is unsuitable. Please have your mobile phone on while you are traveling to us or have it closeby so you can hear it if we call. Weather at Ballarat can be changeable so be prepared for hot and cold weather. The vessel is cosy in the cooler months and the main saloon area is fully enclosed, so colder weather does not affect our ability to operate.

What happens if I make a charter booking and have to change it?

Changing your charter time can cost you money. This is outlined in the booking terms and conditions as supplied to you. This fee is to prevent people from changing appointments with little or no notice meaning our fleet sits moored when we could have fitted in other clients.

Can we decorate the ferry prior to our booking?

Yes. We can arrange a suitable time prior to your ferry charter, subject to our booking schedule.

Can we B.Y.O?

Yes you are welcome to bring your own alcohol or drinks. You will also need to supply your own wine or beverage glasses. If you choose to bring your own food, you will need to provide your own plates, cutlery and napkins. We ask you leave the ferry in a clean and presentable condition on completion of your booking.

Where are the departure points?

There are two options for departure and they include either at the “Western Mooring” side of the Lake at the Botanic Gardens End (behind Pipers Restaurant) or the Eastern Side of the Lake at “View Point” Mooring (near The Boat Shed Restaurant).